Sicilian Pupo Restoration

restoration date February 2022

The demonstration that the puppets never die and that, thanks to an accurate recovery operation, they can return to new life.

Purchased about 50 years ago, in Marseilles, it lived in Paris and arrived in Syracuse to be restored. Dismantled in every part, the doll is about 110cm high, weighs 10kg and is made of poplar wood (except the head). Missing the supporting pin, and a few metal pieces, sketchy hands, very dirty and damaged robes as well as the now dull and greenish armor, made of #brass and copper, and then chromed. Once the support pin was made, we moved on to the replacement of the fabric that wraps around the legs, now too worn, an accurate washing of the clothes, cleaning of the face, rectification and cleaning of every metal piece and reconstruction of some pieces.